Pay Per Click (PPC) has become one of the most globally used advertising methods due to its versatility to catch high users traffic. PPC is a win-to-win investment in which the advertiser and the website doing good web marketing management will both benefit. But, if you own a business and want to increase your customers’ portfolio, this is what you need to know. 

According to Statista, these are the prices of pay-per-click ads on the most known social media platforms worldwide as of October 2021:

You’ll see the best digital trends to apply in a PPC campaign in the lines below. These trends will become more prevalent as PPC campaigns become more widespread.

AI-Driven PPC Campaigns

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the beginning of a prosperous era for this emerging way of expanding brands. Technology perfectly fits into PPC’s financial strength to websites and advertising companies. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), AI is expected to help PPC reach a stunning market capitalization of $15.7 trillion by 2030.

For example, AI can deploy commands and algorithms that automatically optimize specific advertised content’s search engine optimization (SEO) structure. AI can also measure the performance of ads and develop metrics with accurate scores of acceptance among users. You’ll additionally get reports about rebound percentage coming from visits and predictions regarding click-through-rate (CTR) for possible trending ads. 

PPC Automation 

Automation is the future of the world economy. Everything that we know will get into an automation process sooner than later. PPC will not be an exception. An automatic pay-per-click campaign could consist of dynamic posts of ads. These images can be programmed, considering the customers’ consumption patterns. 

Therefore, 2022 is when we’ll see an increase in the use of automation software to create PPC campaigns for ad testing. The application of this tech innovation will boost the performance of statistics to detect what the customers exactly want. Purchasing intentions will rapidly be turned into sales because technology makes advertising more appealing. 


The fast-growing use of this social media platform generates an environment of interactive videos. Those video ads can show what the customers expect from an innovative and modern brand. The company that developed TikTok is also getting involved in the emerging space of PPC campaigns. 

The young users, who are always looking for new ways to buy and get more interesting online consumption experiences, will see the rise of Tik Tok in web advertising in 2022. This platform is becoming more influential every time in mass sales.

Integration of Voice Search in PPC Campaigns 

Voice search commands stem from software that complements the interface navigability. Online shopping will have the plus of voice search so that potential customers can easily look for the products they need with specific characteristics. Voice search commands will also be applicable on mobile devices. 

This forefront option has previously inserted oriented keywords according to the search and purchase patterns that customers prefer. The level of market demand is also part of the programming established in voice search bots. 

Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality can bring customers into a digital space where they try out a product before buying it. If it’s a service, they can get an overview of the benefits of acquiring many services to become aware of excellent purchasing experiences. 

One of the main doubts that comes into a potential customer’s mind is how their daily life would be with a specific product or service. Virtual Reality can help them feel the conditions they will get if they buy what’s pretty necessary to solve a particular problem. 

How Do PPC Campaigns Improve User Experience?

The audience and buyer’s journey is expected to get more interesting as they will offer digitized services based on fast automation. These are some of the most relevant perks that tech-based PPC will provide to companies this year and for the rest of the decade: 

  • Bids will have the complement of smart ads that can show customers the products they want. This will be possible thanks to algorithms built with purchasing data.
  • Companies with better IT-adapted digital infrastructures to apply automated PPC will expand their customers’ portfolios.
  • Websites are already experiencing a deep evolution in advertising integrations with smart sales software based on AI.


Automation technologies have applications in all the areas of the web field. If you want to enhance your performance in smart ad testing, use tools like Google AdWords. Invest financial and human capital resources in boosting your advertising business with automated PPC campaigns. This is the new era in the digital marketing world.